Before Big Bang

I have wondered about the beginning of the universe a lot. When I was a kid I was told that it started with a big bang. Something seemed amiss. If it all started from a tiny point exploding, where was the point? Later I learned that the theory was about the visible universe. There is universe beyond this point from where the light hasn’t reached us.

My knowledge on the speed of light is not clear. I read that it is not a speed acquired over time – no acceleration – but it is born like that. Time is yet another concept that is hard to understand completely. I suppose I should stop postponing the attempt to learn Einstein’s theory of relativity.

For years I have struggled with the concept of how could anything be there from forever. I still do. It is not enough to say that is how it is, the why of it is very important.

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First Observation

Everything should have a place and so I have decided to give asylum to my scattered thoughts. I have always wished for a meeting with myself from a different time and place, and this is how I am going to make that happen.

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Afro Samurai…

Afro Samurai...

He’s back and seems better…

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Two groans…

Everything cool has been ruined, was before we got here.the jittering red light, the fingers that held the pen tight, words that went down the drain, silence all around and darkness in vain.Two world famous beats…too old and tiring beats.

The artistry has already happened, and the music has been heard before.ask me what to do now.did the sea shells make it to the shore? drowned the Sun and so did I.dragged away deep into the sky.

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Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

He will return with his sword soon…

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Dream curves

Dream curves

She is not perfect yet…

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ramblings of a drifter

I went there…how I know not
Things weren’t that great.
I tried to let go…nothing to hold on
to; I couldn’t try and fell on
my face.
dragging feet; much crushed wrappers
torn pages and scribbled pieces of papers
wiped cheeks; ticking clocks didn’t matter
dawned the sunset anew and I turned chipper
I am here…how I know not
tomorrow where will I be at
To reach there, forget
To reach there, remember
his face.

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